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Wine Clubs

As a complement to the fine wine that arrives at our Premier Series members' doorsteps each month, membership in the California Wine Club entitles wine lovers to monthly editions of Uncorked, our full-color, 12-page wine magazine that describes the background of the wines we deliver. Connoisseurs of fine wine and beginning wine tasters alike will enjoy getting the story and inside scoop on the exciting wines and unique wineries that are featured in Uncorked.

Uncorked is one of several distinguishing benefits of the California Wine Club. Tasting the wine, for many, is the highlight of being a member, but reading in-depth information on wine adds another dimension to wine tasting. Uncorked imparts the same knowledge you would acquire on a professionally guided tour through the California vineyards, plus recipes, updates on the California wine scene, fun facts and more.

Wine experts can compare the wines they receive to other wines with similar characteristics and histories they have enjoyed in the past and even reorder their favorite wines at incredible savings. Those who are just beginning their exploration of wine will learn everything they need to know to become experts, from popular wine lingo to how to pair a wide variety of wines with different cheeses, entrees, and desserts. After 15 years in business, we are America's oldest, largest and most trusted wine of the month club.

Each of our three wine clubs, all of which include entertaining and informative newsletters, are designed to expand both your palate and knowledge of great wine. You can join today, and even receive three bottles of great wine for the price of two with your first shipment. To learn more about Uncorked and our fabulous wine clubs, call 1-800-777-4443 or e-mail us at info@cawineclub.com.

Wow, a wine club that really cares about the wines they send out! ~ Tim McNally, Wine Judge and Wine Radio Host