Leslie Hicks, CT
I love The California Wine Club. They offer the best way to experience great wines without traveling. You literally travel via the palate and the mind.
Phil Grauman, KY
I know that all the wines I get from The California Wine Club are very drinkable and many of them are so good that the price is a steal.
John Kuhn, NJ
We are very proud recipients of your selections, they are always terrific and we really enjoy, and look forward to them every month. Thank you for all the effort you guys put into it, we really appreciate it.
Ronald Kencht JR, TX
Great experience and some of the best wines.
Geoff Wilkinson, KY
This might be my Dad’s favorite gift I’ve sent him in 35 years!
Scott Gottfried, MN
We constantly marvel at the noticeable differences between the wines we buy locally and the ones you ship; yours being smoother and more flavorful than almost all we buy locally in the same price range.
Victoria Sanbrook, MA
The California Wine Club is my primary source of wine! Every bottle makes me want to go to California and enjoy it in its local setting. Thank you for everything you do!
Melanie Williams, AL
I just wanted to say I am very impressed. I joined the wine club yesterday evening and I have already received a call and email. If your wine is as great as your customer service I can’t wait to get my first shipment!
David Laughlin, PA
Gifts from The California Wine Club are always a big hit!
As reviewed by Town & Country Magazine
Rarities, which generally can’t be obtained any other way, acquaint recipients of The Aged Cabernet Series with the subtler charms of older wine.
Dede Stone
I just wanted to let you know that I tried the Butternut Squash Soup recipe and it was absolutely delicious. I can’t get enough of it and it’s so easy to prepare. Thanks for the recipes!
Sara Fowler, Winemaker, CA
Wine consumption in the US will continue to grow and consumers will gravitate towards smaller boutique family winery.
JoLorrene McElroy
We love trying the different wines from the wine club and usually order a case if it’s something we really like. It almost feels like Christmas once a month- because we never know we’re going to get! The California Wine Club is one of the best investments that we make each month!
Jim Wiley, PA
The only problem with The California Wine Club is that I have a new favorite wine almost every month. Thanks!
Gail Michael, AL
I have ordered several times from you and have always enjoyed the selections. I have also receive gift selections and have enjoyed them.
Marty Ouverson, IA
Over the years we enjoy having The California Wine Club provide holiday gifts to our customers. We consistently get very nice comments back from those that receive the gift of wine.
Marie Bauer, GA
You add real pleasure to my life. I love trying the wines that I could not ordinarily get and I have found some real gems (like the Viognier I just ordered).
Chuck Fitch, GA
The spirit of US entrepreneurialism and employee engagement lives strong at your place. You all went the extra mile to both make sure my order was complete and then reengineered your site for adaptation to the more attention deficit.
Dr. Joel Todino, GA
Your staff is really excellent and define the concept of customer service.
Pat & Ed Klopp, MD
We don’t have to go to our favorite wine store and figure our what might be good, because you have already done that for us!
Robin Garr, Wineloverspage.com
Best wine club anywhere!
Taylor Eason, Atlanta , GA
The California Wine Club is one of the best in the industry
Scott and Barb Scovel, FL
We’ve never been disappointed. You guys set the bar high and manage to meet or beat it time and again.
As reviewed by Bon Appetit Magazine
The California Wine Club is your exclusive source for hard-to-find wines!
Steve Brandt, TX
I have received many many many phone calls about the wine gifts. It appears this year was a big hit...many told me they like getting the wine before Thanksgiving and wines have been amazing. The wine gift was very popular among our clients.
Donnie Davidson
Great wine great price and it comes right to my door!! What else could you ask for!
Jon Bonne, MSNBC Wine Writer
The California Wine Club is a gift that will make wine lovers cheer.
Melissa Russell, TX
I absolutely LOVE the wine I am getting from your wine club (my friends have been enjoying too.) I don’t want to miss a shipment!
Mignonne Lemire
Love this wine club!!! Have for years and you never disappoint me!!
As reviewed by Bon Appetit Magazine
The California Wine Club is a unique source of virtually impossible to find, limited production wines.
Bob McNamara, NY
Rave reviews for The California Wine Club. I enjoy the club so much for myself that I give memberships to clients as gifts.
Bill & Pam Thompson, PA
Best option in the market to try new high quality wines from vineyards you may never find out about without The California Wine Club.
Susan Goode Estep, GA
I have used The California Wine Club a few times for gifts now, and I really like giving the gift. Thank you for the quality work. You make professional and personal gift-giving easy!
Judy & Gene Gilbert, PA
Your service is great! Thanks for providing a service that is greatly appreciated, I have been ordering with your company for a few years now, and your five star service, along with variety of wines, has kept us coming.
As reviewed by Food & Wine Magazine
One of the most reliable wine clubs featuring very distinctive choices.
Betty, AL
Thanks for helping us celebrate the holidays with fabulous wines!
Scott and Karen Devine, MD
We love being members. The service is outstanding, the information is great and the wines are wonderful. The California Wine Club makes us feel like we are part of the California wine scene.
Robin Garr, Wineloverspage.com
The California Wine Club’s Signature Series takes the risk out of buying rare California wines.
Cathy Wallach, WA
I just have to say how much I appreciate the excellent service I have received year after year from The California Wine Club. I love the summer sale email reminders and being able to communicate so quickly and efficiently over email is an asset.
Page Hudson, DDS, Camarillo, CA
All the wines have been great. The owners are very selective, and they have enough buying power to offer some great buys. I just bought 20 gifts for my top referrers. This wine club is the real deal.
Tim McNally
Wow! A club that really cares about the wine they send out.
Don Sheaffer, PA
I have been a member for almost ten years and it re-introduced me to good wine. It has been a pleasure dealing with the fine people at The California Wine Club. Keep up the great work!
Jon Fahrner, CA
Thank you for your easy, friendly website and for providing options for people who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a wine club. I really feel like I am giving my wife a special gift. All around top notch.
Randy Black Cloud, HI
I have never been disappointed with the quality of the wine, in fact I have only been pleasantly surprised. The California Wine Club takes the guesswork out of shopping for wine.
Carol and Russell, MD
What a super idea and a great gift. It will surely be the gift that keeps on giving as we will always think of you both as we enjoy each unique bottle.
Lynn Ambrosi, NH
Greetings, just to let you all know how pleasant to contact and/or be contacted by the sales department! I can’t think of another company that has representatives that are knowledgeable, speak very well, give me information with no hard sell.
Phil Grauman, KY
I subscribed to Wine Spectator for years. Once I joined The California Wine Club, I got enough good/really good wines that I didn’t need to read Wine Spectator to look for wines to buy at my local stores.
Steve Brandt, TX
Every one of my clients has called, or written, to rave about their Thanksgiving gift. When thanking clients, it pays to get your gift there first.
Lisa Winston Wilentz
We received our fifth installment from The California Wine Club yesterday. We are thrilled to say that you guys are a perfect five-for-five for us, and we’re not THAT easy an audience! Money well spent and we cannot recommend the membership highly enough!
Scott Coman, IL
Love the wine. Keep ’em coming.
John Kostecki, MI
Nice to try other varietals and enjoy them as much as the Cabernets we have grown to love.
Scott Gottfried, MN
Thank you so much for managing every aspect of The California Wine Club and thanks also for the Uncorked issues. We’ve saved every one of them and love the recipes.
Leonard Landi, NY
I had to drop a few lines to express my appreciation for the wonderful selections I receive from The California Wine Club! (I have been a member for many years).
Joanell Meringolo
It is I who needs to thank you for giving me the opportunity to support incredible American Vineyards.
Wendy Lister
Jon and I have been members for more then 5 years. The products are outstanding.
Kellie Metzker, CA
Thanks so much for taking the time to catch this on my account. I brag about The California Wine Club and your customer service to everyone I know!! It isn’t just that I get exceptional wine sent to me, the entire package is unbeatable!!!
Evans Harrell, GA
This past week my wife and I were at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, MO. One evening we watched our waiter sell a bottle of Insignia to the couple at the table near-by. His story was that they only has two bottles of the $395.00 wine left and wished to clear the inventory, so he was offering it for $195.00. We smiled thinking of the 3 bottles of Insignia in our cooler that we had received as members of The California Wine Club Signature Series, which most certainly didn’t cost any where near $195! They’ll taste even better when we get around to drinking them and as we remember the scene at dinner at the Chateau.
Dennyce Korb, SD
The California Wine Club membership is fun. What could be better than receiving an unexpected shipment of new wines to try every month- - and then getting to purchase additional bottles of the ones you love at a great price!
Jon Bonne, MSNBC Wine Writer
The well-established California Wine Club offers lucky recipients unusual picks from smaller producers.
Ann Corazza, PA
My past experience with The California Wine Club was wonderful. I had gift bottles to share that were not available in the state. Also it was a great thing for entertaining in my house. My guests were impressed!
Becky Grasavage
I have been so lucky to get your wines and I love it!! I hope this continues for many, many more years!!
Pat & Ed Klopp, MD
It is always fun to serve wines from The California Wine Club, because they are always great.
Stephanie Atmali
You were so great to work with and made the whole process easy for us!
As reviewed by WineCountry.com
Whether you’ve got a wine enthusiast on your list or you just hope to create one, a gift membership to The California Wine Club is a gift they won’t soon forget. The California Wine Club is a well-run club that, has kept its members in touch with the best in small-batch, family-run wineries.
As reviewed by Capital Living Region Magazine
An exceptional holiday gift for any wine enthusiast.
Betty Shull, SC
We love our deliveries from The California Wine Club.
Zelda Nichols, NC
I have been a member for 15 years and I still anticipate each shipment every month wondering what new adventures you will take me on. Thank you so much for all you do.
Jim Moodt, OH
I certainly would consider sending this as a gift again and I would like to complement you on your customer service. It is refreshing to deal with a company such as yours!
Dennis Kuttler, Esq., CA
Each aged Cab shipment is an event. Chappellet, Freemark Abby, Quintessa, Burgess and etc. The legends of Napa are all great red wines, well preserved, and the drinking experience simply the best.
Jim Hopgood, FL
Thanks for the club. Enjoying it every day!
Craig J Landry, LA
You guys have been doing a wonderful job coming up with new clubs/programs etc. Keep it up. I get all of my wine from you now, no need to go anywhere else! Thanks
Susan P Boyce, VA
I just want to thank you for your help with my order. I was concerned that it had not been delivered and they were very helpful in getting me the shipping date and a tracking number. The gift arrived on time and was very well received.
Rick Crawford
This is my first experience with your company and it has been very pleasant. You made me feel as I was the most important customer that you have. I will also highly recommend you to my friends.
Kathy Savage, PA
I am so glad I joined I have truly enjoyed every bottle I have received. This order is a gift for my son and daughter-in-law to enjoy in their new home.
Pat & Ed Klopp, MD
My chiropractor says, you only have a problem with your liver if you drink the cheap/bad stuff. We are doing this for self-preservation.
Tom Curling, Smith Mountain Lake, VA
Thank you for all you do searching out great wines and delivering them with exceptional service!
As reviewed by Laura Ness, Wines & Vines Magazine
The California Wine Club has a good thing going here: for them, for their consumers and for the wineries.
Michael Retherford, MO
We were given a 6 month subscription as a Christmas gift and we liked it so well we continued the subscription ourselves.
Dr. John Charletta, PA
I found this club many years ago while trying to find a unique gift for my referring doctors. They absolutely loved it! In fact, one doctor continued on his own membership after the gift expired.
Michelle Berry, MD
I purchased a 3 month membership in your wine club for my husband for Christmas. He loved it so much that he has extended his membership. Such a fantastic gift, thank you.
Susan Kavon
Can’t wait to get my next case of the Campus Oaks Old Vine Zinfandel. I love that wine!!
Marc Austin, MD
My wife and I have been members for almost 10 years now and have loved this club from day one. We have never (after countless selections) been disappointed with any of the wines that we have received. Bruce and Pam clearly know how to run a true customer focused business.
William V Day, PA
My wife and I were discussing just this past weekend how happy we have been with our membership in The California Wine Club. Actually, we were sipping one of your very good red wines at the time. We commented on how the wines have become better and better over the years. High quality, great varietals, new experiences. Congrats and best wishes for continued success.
As seen on E!TV
Highly recommended for the wine lover on your list.
As reviewed by Robb Report Magazine
The Aged Cabernet Series; from The California Wine Club is one of the few clubs to offer members the opportunity to receive superb, older vintage Cabernet Sauvignons from top producers.
Anthony Link, GA
My odds of drinking a good wine from The California Wine Club are much better than investing in the stock market right now. A few glasses of wine during the day may make watching the stock market much more tolerable!
Tim Eckerele, IN
I love not having to waste time at the store picking wine. All I do now is trust Bruce and Pam. I never know what I will receive, but I always know it is going to be good quality.
Tammy Cairns
So far, the best wine club I’ve ever been part of. Who wouldn’t want to join?
Mary T Phillips, PA
I always enjoy your wines- never been disappointed! Keep up the good work!
Melissa Wilson
We had guests arrive last night from Virginia/California and were confident and secure that they would love the wine. Showing off and bragging about you guys seems to be how all our dinners go these days.
Tim Eckerle, Indiana
The California Wine Club is my favorite investment. Not only do I enjoy the wines but your level of service is unmatched!
James Norwine, PA
Great and unusual wine selections at a fair price coupled with excellent service. you can’t miss.
Susan Jones, San Francisco, CA
One of the best wine clubs I’ve signed up for. It’s easy to join, and so much fun to give as a gift!
As reviewed by Executive Decision Magazine
The Signature Series is a gift that appeals to the senses and resonates with style and elegance, a great way to indulge yourself, your loved ones and your business associates.
Review from TameYourBrain.com
As a gift for incentive winners, or for top customers, consider The California Wine Club.
Lucinda Stude and Bill Wuhrman, PA
Getting the 6 month membership as a wedding gift was one of the most memorable and enjoyable presents that we received. That was 8 years ago and we.ve continued ever since!
Chistine Brown, PA
I love The California Wine Club. Friends gave us a membership for our wedding and we get excited every time we received a shipment. Now we are giving it as gifts!
Dave Dahl, MD
Best thing that ever happened to my palate! We have been members for quite awhile and enjoy the club. We have recommended the club to friends and continue to do so.
Paulette Donahue, PA
I have belonged since 1995, obviously that means you have consistently delivered to me wines that me, my family and friends have very much enjoyed!
As reviewed by - Inc. Handboook of the American Entrepreneur
Impress everyone from neophyte wine drinkers to refined oenophiles with The California Wine Club.
Joyce Ritzma, Il
I just wanted to share the message that my son sent me with the wine club gift for Mother Day;Cheers to you Mom! May the gift of warmth and giggles make you smile. Love, Eric. PS you always said if you couldn’t drink it or wear it you didn’t need it. If you spill it, it can be both. I thanked him by telling him that this was a very thoughtful and a thought-filled gift and it showed he really knows and listens to his mom.
As reviewed by Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
The California Wine Club is well worth the investment and anything but boring.
A man falling on hard times, sold his art collections, but kept his wine cellar. When asked why, he said. "A MAN CAN LIVE WITHOUT ART, BUT NOT WITHOUT CULTURE."
Marilee Bass, AR
Thank you for making it affordable to experience the wonderful varietals offered by the artisan wineries in Wine Country. I sure appreciate your Californian hospitality in the service you’re providing for those of us who are a bit far from home. Thank you.
Tom Curling, VA
One of the things I am always thankful for is The California Wine Club. My wife Kathryn and I have been members for more than 10 years because of the great wines you select from the small winemakers and the wonderful service from your consultants.
Dr. Bardo Palanco
I was impressed with the customer service I have received since becoming a member. I’m looking forward to a great future with you.
John and Judy Prada, MO
Great Club. We’ve really enjoyed the wines we received.
Cheryl Lynott, PA
I am so VERY HAPPY with your service and expertise. Your undivided attention to my special request saved the company my sale. It arrived when I was in Hawaii with my brother and I got to watch him open it up!! He was very surprised and I was very happy thanks so very much for your personal attention. Hard to find now a days in a company.
Mark & Joyce Neves, KS
We were excited when the inaugural Age Cabernet Series shipment arrived. And we were not disappointed with the first bottle, the Joseph Phelps Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. The rich, deep color and the full black cherry, smoky, smooth finish and soft tannins make this one of my favorite Cabs.
Julie A. Morrison
I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for all your help with holiday gifts. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on the wine subscriptions.
Danielle Tutle, AZ
I was a member about 10 years ago and just found my way back. It’s nice to see that things have not changed. The California Wine Club remains friendly and personal. It’s good to be among friends again. (Oh and the wine is wonderful too!)
Paula & Geoff Newton, TX
We have been customers for several years and have NEVER had a complaint. Every comment from those to whom we have send gifts has been uniform in their praise. Top notch service and great value.
Robin Gagnon, RI
If all you have ever drank before is mass-produced wine, you’re sure to be surprised at how distinctive the wines are from small family wineries like these.
David Ramey, Founder/Winemaker
The gap between corporate and family-owned wineries will continue to grow, as mega-wineries increasingly rely on winemaking shortcuts such as oak chips, de-alcoholization and sterile filtration to produce authentic, natural wines.
Tom Curling
The best thing about The California Wine Club (beside the wine) is the wonderful group of wine consultants!!
Jackie Amundson, MN
I just want to thank you very much for the wonderful customer service. The fast response and very pleasant employees have made me decide that I will be encouraging people to buy from your company. I know I will be a repeat customer! Thank you again for the personalized service!!
Michael Fry, OH
I think this was my parent’s favorite gift we have ever gotten them and your company’s customer service has been outstanding! Thanks again!
Bill Wright, TX
You FAR exceeded my expectations!! Maybe that is why you have such a great reputation!! I will be loyal to you forever.
As reviewed by Pink Magazine
What a totally great gift and so fun!


Our original and most popular wine club level features handcrafted award-winning wines from small family wineries.
Deliveries start at $39.95.


For collectors and connoisseurs who wish to experience California's highest rated and most coveted wines.
Deliveries start at $124.


A fun wine adventure featuring handcrafted wines from around the world.
Deliveries start at $71.

Aged Cabernet

The ultimate reward in fine viticulture featuring Napa Valley's most prestigious Cabernets aged 8 - 12 years.
Deliveries start at $207.

Pacific Northwest

Limited-production wines from the exciting regions of Oregon and Washington.
Deliveries start at $77.