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Below is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions – we hope they help! If you still have a question, be sure to contact us via phone, fax or email.

Where can you ship?
We use a licensed freight forwarder and can ship to you and your gift recipients located in the U.S. At this time we cannot ship to Canada. For international deliveries other than Canada, please call us for a shipping quote.
I see you've been around for a while, what has made you so successful?
Since 1990 we have been steadily growing our wine of the month club, mostly due to referrals by happy wine club members. Our secret is that nobody loses, everybody wins! Our wine of the month club members win by getting to experience great wine they can't find in their local area. Our wineries win because they get some wonderful exposure to thousands of wine enthusiasts!
Why did you start CWC?
For years Pam and I were frustrated with finding truly great wine. Selecting a decent bottle of wine from thousands of pretty labels with prices ranging from $5 - $35 was difficult at the best of times! We were always happiest with wine recommendations from friends. So, that's what we wanted to do with CWC . . . "one friend recommending a great bottle of wine to another friend!"
Why would a small winery want be featured by CWC?
Seventy, to eighty percent of California’s wineries are “mom & pop” operations producing between 5,000 and 15,000 cases per year . These small wineries run on a shoestring staff. Many have vineyards to tend as well and the wine to make. They have very little time or budget for marketing and that is where CWC comes in. We get their wine, their name and their story in front of thousands of wine lovers with one shipment. The response from our members is a huge advantage for these small wineries.

"We are grateful for The California Wine Club's support of California's small family winemakers. By featuring these small wineries, sharing their stories and their wines with wine enthusiasts across America, CWC has extended the presence of Family Winemakers of California and its members far beyond the scope of our own outreach efforts." - Paul Kronenberg, President, Family Winemakers of California
I have more than enough wine to choose from at my local stores. Why do I need a wine club?
With a wine shop or grocery store you never really know what you’re going to get! You need a wine club like CWC because we have already tasted and “vetted” the wines for you. “We are like friends recommending great wine to other friends!” Every wine we feature comes from a real-working artisan winery. And with our 100% guarantee you are assured “never to get burned”. Most of the bottles found on wine store shelves are “bulk wines” and when you get a bad bottle, you can’t return it to the store.
I've heard the term "bulk wine" before. What is it and how can I identify it?
“Bulk wine” is wine produced in huge quantities from inferior, or discarded grapes. The wine is blended and then bottled with a pretty label and fictitious name. There is zero handcrafting and no real sense of place or “home” that the wine comes from. How can you tell if a wine is a bulk wine? From the front of the label, it is really hard to tell! More can be revealed from the back label. Words like “vinted by” or “cellared by” are red flags. Also, real working wineries will proudly give you their full name, address, phone number and even invite you to visit. A bulk wine is from a winery that doesn’t exist, so there is nothing, and no one, to visit.
Can I get only red wine, or white wine?
Absolutely! Red only, white only, 3 bottles or 4! There are lots of wine club options with CWC. Just let us know what you need!
What if I don't like the wine?
Although wine tastes vary from person to person, our wines are guaranteed. If you get a bad bottle, we will immediately reship a replacement or refund your money!
Can I reorder wine from a past wine club feature?
YES! Because we deal direct with each winery, our savings are passed on directly to you! Wine club reorders are available while supplies last, and always at a discount off of the normal retail price – up to 50% off in fact! It's not uncommon for our wine club members to save $50 - $100 per case!
What if I want to cancel?
No problem! There are no fees and you can cancel anytime.
I don't know much about wine, can The California Wine Club teach me more about it?
Each wine club shipment includes a copy of our 12 page, full color newsletter called Uncorked. Uncorked is a fun and easy way to learn about wine and get to know the families behind each winery we feature. Uncorked also includes tasting notes for each wine, a recipe from the winemaker, wine tips, insight to California’s wine scene and even a map that shows you how to get to the winery if you decide to visit yourself. Uncorked is educational, entertaining and helps to complete the wine adventure.
What makes these smaller wineries so special?
Smaller production wineries are usually more about a "passion" and less about a "profit". Hands-on, dedicated farmers who spend their days doing what they love -- making great wine. And imagine, that's their single goal! Most of these wineries are too small to distribute on a large scale. Imagine missing out on some incredible wines, just because you don't live in the area!
I prefer "reserve" wines, or those for collecting. Can you help me?
YES! Our Signature Series wine club has been created especially for those seeking highly rated and rare library reserve California wines. Two to four bottle wine club shipments average from $150 - $225. Please click here for more details.
I prefer international wines. Can you help me?
YES! A recent wine club member survey indicated that customers were ready to try new wines from around the world. Our International Selections features undiscovered, boutique wineries from countries like Spain, Germany, France, South Africa, Australia, Austria and many more. We hand pick and import the wines directly from the wineries. These are wines not yet found anywhere else in the U.S. Please click here for more details.
How does your gift program work?
Members tell us all the time that a wine of the month club membership is a fun and unique gift for friends, family & business associates. You can give as much as you wish - anywhere from 1 to 12 months! We offer special discounts on wine gifts of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Each wine club shipment comes with our detailed and beautiful 12-page, full color newsletter, Uncorked.
Do you offer corporate discounts?
Yes! Thank You's, Referrals, Incentives and especially for the Holidays, a wine club gift always fits. We have Corporate Packages and pricing to meet all your needs. Be sure to call us with your specific requirements!
What makes The California Wine Club different from other wine Clubs?
Pam and I hand-pick every wine club selection. We personally visit each winery, meet the families, the winemakers and then select two bottles of their best. You can be assured that every wine comes from a small, real-working winery. No private label and no bulk wine wines... ever! Our credo? We will ship only wines that we would serve in our home to family & friends.
Where are you located?
Like the family-owned wineries we feature each month, we too are a small, family-owned business located in Camarillo, California just south of Santa Barbara. We operate out of our own building with 20 full time employees. Our wine consultants are there answering the phone, our marketing team is onsite, and our warehouse crew pack and ship every wine we feature. Frequently, wineries we feature stop by for a special tasting of their wines with our staff so we can give our customers the latest winery/wine information. It is an honor for us to be here and to help support many of America’s most vibrant small business owners: the artisan wineries!
I'm still not sure . . .
Since 1990, we've been delivering monthly wine club adventures to thousands of wine club members across the country. If you are still not sure, the most important thing to know is, "If you're not happy, you're not stuck!" Try us for a month or two and see what you think!
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