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Wine Of The Month Clubs

Membership in one of our three wine of the month clubs--Premier Series, Signature Series, and International Selections--grants the amazing opportunity to taste new and delicious wines each month. These three clubs vary from one another in terms of the production of the wines offered, the regions the wines come from, and the cost of membership, but all are well-worth the investment.

The Premier Series is our most popular wine of the month club. At the favorable price of just $38.95 a month, membership in this club is a bargain for anyone who wants to try two bottles of unique and flavorful boutique California wines each month. New members receive three bottles for the price of two with their first shipment. You may opt for one bottle of red and one bottle of white, two reds, or two whites. If a shipment each month is too frequent, we can also ship bi-monthly or even quarterly.

Wine lovers with discerning tastes and a passion for rare, extremely limited production wine will be absolutely thrilled with the Signature Series wine of the month club. Members receive between two and four bottles of wine each month and choose between either reds only or a combination of reds and whites. These wines are so rare that membership is limited to 800 wine enthusiasts. The cost of membership varies by month, depending on the wines of the month, from $90 to $175. All of these wines are rated at 90 points or better.

The International Selections Club is for wine drinkers with an adventurous spirit who want two bottles of international wine delivered either bi-monthly or quarterly for approximately $70 per shipment. As with our other clubs, all international wines are personally tasted and hand-selected by lifelong wine lovers Bruce and Pam Boring, owners of the California Wine Club. With these three great wine of the month clubs to choose from, people of all tastes can explore new flavors at prices they can afford.

I love your service... it's like new friends showing up for dinner! ~ Greg Feustel, FL