Castoro Cellars 2012 East Meets West Paso Robles Red Blend

  • Year: 2012
  • Winery: Castoro Cellars
  • Varietal: Red Blends
  • Region: Paso Robles & Central Coast
  • Retail Price: $25.00
  • Sale Price: $11.99

Quantities limited, please call for availability.

Aromas and Palate: Rich fruit notes on the nose and palate come from warmer eastern Paso Robles. Flavorful berry notes, color and tannins hail from the West side.

Final Blend: Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah

Awards: There were no awards or reviews available for this wine at the time of publication.

Pair With: Grilled meats, cured meats, Provolone cheese, low and slow BBQ  with spicy sauce.

Hold Time: 10 years.

This wine was recently featured in The California Wine Club's wine of the month club.

Patsye Thurmon from TN
One word- PERFECTION!!!    -20 Points out of 20

Mary Beth Maydosz from VA
Great for summer, light yet bold.     -20 Points out of 20

John Roberts from PA
Very European offering from the West Coast. Near perfect blending.     -19 Points out of 20

William Bowser from PA
Very good. Love the berry front end with the west tannins.    -18 Points out of 20

Debra Maddox from FL
Sophisticated, smooth and one of the best red blends I've had in a long, long time. Kudos to this winery.   -20 Points

John Buttil from NJ
Excellent selection. I've recommended to all my wine friends.   -18 Points out of 20

Gordon Woolfolk from VA
Very good.   -14 points out of 20

Julie Wassmer from IL
Just about perfect.  -19 Points out of 20

Eileen Marrone from NC
He says "cherries, " I say "strawberries." We both say YUM! It made out spicy pizza sing.   -17 Points out of 20

Kathi Groeschel from WI
A beautiful blend. Soft on the palate, jammy and paired well with my spaghetti tonight. This is a wine that wouldn't have to be paired with food as it would stand alone very nicely if company came calling.   -18 Points out of 20

Parker & Sue Renelt from ME
Due to a head injury I have almost no sense of smell so when a wine tastes and finishes well it is amazing for me. We both loved this wine.   -15 Points out of 20

Pinckney Pidley from GA
All of your selections are excellent. It's like Santa Claus coming each and every month. Thank you.  -19 Points out of 20

Dr Debra P Maddox from Tallahassee, FL
I just simply fell in love with this wine. I give it a 30 out of 20! I'm a huge fan of red blends but this is one of the most sophisticated and smoothest ones I've ever had. I applaud this fine winery on this creation and hope to buy more.

Peter J. Zimmerman from MA

Excellent, smooth and rich!   -17 points out of 20

Holly Conner from OK
One of the nicer blends we've tasted.   -14 points out of 20

Tami Menhennett from CO
Exceptional all 3 of our favorite grapes blended into one truly sophisticated wine!   -20 points out of 20

Joyce Zernicke from WI
Love any wine with Zinfandel in it. Was #1 at our wine and cheese party.   -20 Points out of 20

Steve Cade from CA
East meets West and Castoro hits a home run. This is already great and I can't imagine what it will taste like after a few more years.  -20 Points out of 20

john oconnell from DC
This was a great surprise. Excellent red blend, I got two bottles and will order more. Better than my last Malbec!

Tom Curling from Smith Mountain LAke, VA
CWC has found another jewel!! I am a big fan Paso Robles wines and this blend from both sides of the highway is a real winner!! Rich with nice tannins and a great finish!!

Kelly Lynch from IL
Loved this wine!   -20 Points out of 20