Claiborne and Churchill Vintners 2012 "Edelzwicker" Central Coast (White Blend)

  • Year: 2012
  • Winery: Claiborne and Churchill Vintners
  • Varietal: White Blends
  • Region: Paso Robles & Central Coast
  • Retail Price: $18.00
  • Sale Price: $10.99

Quantities limited, please call for availability.

This white blend is a crisp, zingy, easy-to-drink wine with good acidity and a hint of honey. It is a great sipping wine that will please many different palates. Terrific for summer wine parties!

86 points, Wine Enthusiast (August 2013): “…off-dry but strong, mouthwatering acidity restrains and balances the sugariness.”

A perfect quaffer when you want something fresh and fruity but not high in alcohol.

This wine was recently featured in The California Wine Club's wine of the month club.

Beverly SMith from SC
Very good.   -20 points

Linda Carpenter from FL
A charming white comb of dry riesling and pinot gris, this wine is very sufig, or drinkable as the Swiss say. I love it with everything, or even as an apertif wine, before switching to reds. And best of all, no after effects as headaches, hangover, stomach upset. A truly lovely wine. I orderd additional bottles as soon as I finish the first one.    -20 Pionts

James Ross from FL
What a delightful find, had some friends over and had just received the wine, everyone loved it. Tried to save one bottle for myself but could not, so I have to reorder.    -19 Points

Barbara Rampersaud from FL
Delicious and full.   -20 Points

Robyn Franzen from AK
Enjoyed it fully!! I'm so glad to be able to enjoy great California Wines from my home state here in Alaska! Thank you!  -20 Points

John Roberts from PA
Split decision in the Robert's household!! I applaud cuccess in delivering a dry white table wine with blending of these very forward European grapes. My wife was less enamored sipping and using in a pork chop dish that called for a dry white.   -19 Points