Harmony Cellars Non-Vintage Paso Robles "Repertoire"

  • Winery: Harmony Cellars
  • Varietal: Red Blends
  • Region: Paso Robles & Central Coast
  • Retail Price: $22.00
  • Sale Price: $11.99

Quantities limited, please call for availability.

Concentrated raspberry and cherry aromas and notes of spicy vanilla oak lead to a rich palate of dark berry flavors and plum. Velvety tannins and well balanced acidity lead to a smooth, lingering finish.

The final blend included (in order of percentage) – Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Refosco, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah.

“Repertoire is mellow enough to sip but flavorful enough to pair with barbecue and hearty pasta dishes.

This wine was recently featured in The California Wine Club's wine of the month club.

Therese Taylor from PA
Very nice wine. Smooth, soft tannis. Nice blend. Enjoyed it with all the things - BLT's!    -15 Points

Mary Goldman from TN
What a great wine.  I loved the complex flavors... the berry flavor was good.  Almost oaky.   -20 Points

Michael Loring from CA
The aroma of sweet fruit pours out as soon as the bottle opens...   -17 Points

Tom Curling from VA
I loved this wine!! Great nose, full body, nice tannins, smooth finish. This wine really shows what a talented wine maker can do blending different varieties of grapes.  -20 Points

Jane Minton from OH
Exceptional- fruity, chocolately, smooth. I ordered a case as a Christmas gift & 6 more for us!   -20 Points

Jim Ross from FL
A pleasant wine with body to stand up to a streak, full with a touch of sweetness on the nose, mediu, body to taste. Would be great wine on a cold night in front of a fireplace. Nice find!!   -18 Points

Susan & Bob Drogan from MO
A glass of Harmony, pull out the pot. Ingredients for italian soup & Harmony in the pot. A nice hot loaf of bread, a glass of Harmony in me. Fresh greens and fetta and another glass for me. Candles, romance, a harmonious night sought. A dance around the hearth room, a dreamy delicious thought.    -20 Points

J. Roy Dee from IL
The full aroma made me excited to taste and I was not disspointed. has a great finish.   -18 Points

Deana Segreti from IL
Color is beautiful deep purple with a hint of rouge. One of the best colors for a California Wine Club that I have seen to date. Nose is STRONG. Definitely smell the vanilla and oak  upfront and cherry on the tail end. Taste is a little acidic, at first, but smooth out. Very nice. Finish is decent. The vanilla and oak linger on the palate.   -17 Points

Hope Helme from RI

Favorite! We both loved this one.     -20 Points