Spelletich Family Wine Company 2011 '3 Spells' GHK Blend Red Wine

  • Retail Price: $26.00
  • Sale Price: $11.99
Featured in:  Premier Series

Serve with decadent dark chocolate desserts.

Aromas of blackberry, toasty oak and vanilla lead to flavors of blackberries and Italian plums. Beautifully balanced and elegant wine.

Final Blend: Merlot 78%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%, Cabernet Franc 5%, Petite Verdot 5%, Malbec 2%.

  • This wine sold out immediately so was not entered into competitions.

Pair with grilled meats, chicken, steak, ribs, salmon, hearty soups, Chocolate Torte with fresh raspberries.

Hold 2-3 years.

This wine was recently featured in The California Wine Club's wine of the month club.


John Witherspoon from NC
We plan to order more.  Thanks it is wonderful.     -20 Points out of 20

Sandra Jeffers from IN
Not a wine expert but I love this taste.     -17 Points out of 20

Jay & Barb Isler from WA
- 16 Points out of 20

Susan Kline from CA
Very impressed with the smoothness of this red blend. Perfect for appetizers and red meat, BBQ with friends. Thank you!    -20 Points out of 20

Clayton Pace from MI
We had a bottle 3 days ago. Outstanding textures and notes. Went extremely well with summer garden flat bread pizza.    -18 Points out of 20

Diane Farley from NY
A new favorite.    -20 Points out of 20

Diane Melchert from TX
Very enjoyable!  Worked well with grilled lamb chops.   -17 Points out of 20

Jennifer Anderson from IA
This wine was outstanding and I would definitely purchase!      -20 Points out of 20

Teresa Hunt from AL
My husband and I loved this wine!  Great body, wonderful finish and easy to drink. Watch yourself or your find the bottle is empty, LOL!   -19 out of 20

Jeremy Freimund from CA
A really enjoyable blend.    -18 Points out of 20