Stein Family Wines 2012 Just Joshin "Vaquero" California Chardonnay

  • Year: 2012
  • Winery: Stein Family Wines
  • Varietal: Chardonnay
  • Region: N. California
  • Retail Price: $18.00
  • Sale Price: $10.99

Quantities limited, please call for availability.

This lean, non-buttery, unoaked wine is made even brighter by a touch of Sauvignon Blanc. Its great acidity makes it a perfect wine with food.

Food pairing: great contrast with meat. Complementary pairings include lighter chicken and pasta dishes.

Cases Produced: 1,204; can hold for up to a decade.

This wine was recently featured in The California Wine Club's wine of the month club.

Jay & Catherine Boulanger from IL
Diagnosed with rosacea last summer, I have had to give up all but a sip of red wine (bummer!!). Now it's my mission to discover excellent whites. This Chardonnay is fresh, alive and pairs well with salmon & salad. Thank you!     -19 Points

Patsye Thurmon from TN
One of the most unusual Chardonnay I've ever had. I would love to taste the difference after it had been held a few years.    -18 Points

Marta Cavazos-Hernandez from Santa Barbara/Bakersfield
Loved this wine! Usually a red wine drinker but this chardonnay is wonderful. Crisp and delicate, like a much anticipated dessert to the nose. This was the first bottle to be opened on my gift membership, so pleased to have such an exceptional experience.