W. Wheeler Wines 2010 Livermore Valley Sauvignon Blanc

  • Year: 2010
  • Winery: W. Wheeler Wines
  • Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
  • Region: Paso Robles & Central Coast
  • Retail Price: $18.00
  • Sale Price: $10.99

Quantities limited, please call for availability.

This wine is full of beautifully complex aromas of lime zest and tangerine. In the mouth, it has great citrus flavors and terrific acidity that makes it pair well with many kinds of foods.

The 2010 W. Wheeler Sauvignon Blanc was made in such small quantities that it was not submitted for awards or for review.

The lively fruit of this wine is its most remarkable feature. Drink younger to capture all of the racy acidity and zesty citrus notes. It will evolve over time (12-18 months) becoming richer in the mid-palate.

Just 908 cases made.

This wine was recently featured in The California Wine Club's wine of the month club.

Diane Fasching from RI
Crisp, refreshing and perfect for a hot evening indulgence. Left the palate clean and prepared for the taste of a pecan tilapia filet.   -17 Points 

Sheila Reynolds from PA
Great tasting wine with citrus notes. Had it with fish and went perfectly with the meal. Great summery wine!   -20 Points

Laurie King from CA
Love the citrus, green apple & lime palate. Goes extremely well with grilled salmon. Would make this my "go-to" Sauvignon Blanc.   -19 Points

Deana Brower from PA
Two month's in a row where the white has won over a red drinker. The fresh citrus taste is perfect for this very hot summer.  -20 Points

Ressell Balda from AZ
A great Sauvignon Blanc crisp, clean, full of grapefruit, grass and green apple. I made a serious mistake. I only ordered 6 bottles.    -20 Points