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Outdoor Party Ideas: The Fire Pit

Image courtesy of System Pavers

Image courtesy of System Pavers

Brainstorming Those Outdoor Party Ideas Into Focus

Often times when brainstorming for outdoor party ideas we think big picture which can be overwhelming. Instead try focusing your outdoor party on one element and then building the party theme from there. One of the more relaxing activities for an evening party in your backyard can be gathering friends and family around your fire pit. Time spent around the fire pit brings to mind those classic fireside moments, from roasting marshmallows around the fire to singing campfire songs. There are some different things that you can do to prepare, whether the party is for the entire family, or you are planning an adults-only celebration.

Tips to Focus Those Outdoor Party Ideas Around the Fire Pit:

Food and Beverages:
One thing that you must think about in advance are the food and beverages that you will have on hand for the party. Though you can serve just about anything you can think of (wine is recommended), it is a good idea to think about tasty treats that are perfect for sharing by the fire. Hot apple cider is a perfect fire pit party treat, and can be prepared in advance in a crockpot for the perfect slow brewed flavor. Of course, you want to opt for traditional favorites as well. Provide a variety of different toppings for fire pit hot dogs and allow guests to create their own concoctions. If you’re looking to go beyond ketchup and mustard, you can create a spread that includes a variety of cheeses (such as feta, cheddar, and bleu cheese), relish, chili, and more.

Tools and Utensils:
One perfect way to get your guests in the mood for celebrating by the fire pit is crafting s’mores kits containing graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate. Be sure to have enough skewers on hand for everybody to roast their marshmallows over the blaze! Purchase sticks and skewers in the camping section of your local store. They are the safest alternative for roasting.

Seating and Comfort:
A big benefit of having a fire pit party is that you get all of the benefits of a roaring campfire without any of the downsides. Preparing your environment in advance for maximum guest comfort is a must! Be sure that you have plenty of seating available beforehand, including armchairs and blankets for those guests who want to stretch out on the ground around the fire. Have side tables ready for guests to avoid any accidental drops and allow for plenty of working space for roasting! Tiki torches or lamps can be used to add additional light to your campfire space, and are in keeping with the mood of the fire pit celebration. Only a few are needed to provide the appropriate amount of light.

Additional Ambiance:
With any luck, you might have a musician or two on hand to provide guitar and vocals for that perfect campfire ambiance. However, don’t despair if that’s not the case! Hook up your audio system and do a little searching for the perfect tunes for your party. Ambient instrumental tracks are perfect for these kinds of celebrations. You can find plenty of ready-made playlists online that are perfect for enjoying by the campfire though you also can’t go wrong with a playlist of favorite tunes.

Finally, do realize that the best way to enjoy your celebration is to play things by ear and welcome any outdoor party ideas from friends and family. Fire pit parties are meant to be casual, so don’t over plan the occasion. Just kick back and relax in these last few weeks of summer with your favorite people.


This is a guest post by our friends at System Pavers, the designers and builders of elegant outdoor spaces.  Day-in and day-out they are surrounded by the many creative ways people, like you, are designing outdoor spaces to fit their lifestyle.  One of which is creating that perfect place to host a memorable evening with friends and family. We hope their tips below inspire you to make the most of an evening soon.


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